May 6 Sunday Malayalam holy Qurbana led by Rev Skaria Varghese
May 13 Sunday English holy Qurbana led by Rev Skaria Varghese
May 20 Sunday Malayalam Praise & Worship
May 27 Sunday English Praise & Worship


Date Lessons Epistle-Gospel Evening Reading



Students Sunday - 'Wisdom the Divine Gift' C.H. 203

1Kgs 3:16-28

Phil 4:4-9

Prov 3:15-26

Jas 1:1-8

Matt 11:25-30 Rom 11:25-36



Enviornmental Sunday - Creation Proclaims the Glory of God C.H. 75

Prov 8:22-31

Col 1:9-20

Isa 42:1-25

Rev 21:1-8

Luke 8:22-25 Ps 19:1-14



Beginning of the Fast of the Apostles - 'Calling and Commissioning of Apostles'. C.H. 27

Jer 1:1-12

1Cor 12:27-31

Ps 101:1-8

Heb 10:32-39

Luke 6:12-19 Phil 3:1-21



'Worship the God in Spirit and Truth' C.H. 45

Isa 6:1-8

2Thess 2:13-17

Exod 32:7-14

1John 5:1-12

John 4:13-26 Rev 14:1-7



Cost of Discipleship C.H. 239

Dan 6:11-23

2Cor 6:11-18

Jer 38:1-9

Heb 11:23-40

Mark 10:35-45 2Cor 11:23-33



Ends of the Fast of the Apostles- St. Peter's and St. Paul's Day

Jer 16:16-21

2Pet 3:14-18

Gal 2:1-20

Matt 16:13-20



Transparency and Faithfulness in Stewardship C.H. 218

Exod 36:1-7

Phil 4:10-20

2Kgs 12:1-6

Acts 5:1-11

Luke 19:11-27 2Cor 8:1-15



St. Thomas the Apostle's Day C.H. 241

Isa 52:7-15

2Tim 3:10-17

1Thess 1:2-9

John 20:24-29



Ordained Ministry: Identifying with the wounds of Christ C.H. 301

Ezek 33:1-9

Gen 6:11-18

Lev 10:16-20

2Tim 2:1-13

John 21:15-19 2Tim 1:1-8



People of God: Salt to the Earth - Light to the World C.H. 25

Isa 49:1-11

Rom 13:11-14

Lev 2:11-16

Eph 5:1-5

Matt 5:13-16 1Pet 2:1-10



Life that has to be sanctified C.H. 281

Isa 1:10-20

Col 3:11-14

1Chr 29:10-19

Acts 6:8-15

Luke 19:1-10 Rom 12:1-15



St. James the Apostle's Day

Mic 2:1-16

Jas 1:12-18

Acts 8:1-11

Matt 10:16-33



Theological Education: Knowledge and Experience of Faith C.H. 86

Exod 3:1-12

2Thess 1:1-12

Jer 23:23-32

Acts 8:26-40

John 12:20-26 Gal 3:1-10

Church News & Announcements


Upcoming Parish Events this week

VBS will be held at church this week from Thursday to Sunday
Holy Communion Service in Malayalam at 10 am on Sunday, July 14th.

Upcoming Prayer Events

To be announced


To be announced

Youth Events:

The Southern Regional Youth Conference will be held from July 19th to the 22nd. Early Registration is $135(before July 9th) and late registration is $165(July 10th - July 16th). For more information and to register please visit:

Sevika Sangham:

There will be a Sevika Sangham meeting at 10am on Saturday, July 21st at church. All Sevika Sangham members are requested to attend.

Sunday School:

There will be no Sunday School starting this week due to summer break.

Sunday School competitions have been rescheduled for August 2018. If you have any questions or would like to know more about how your child can participate, please contact your child's teacher or the superintendent

Edavaka Mission Events:

The Edavaka Mission would like request your support in their fund raising activities for the 2018-19. The Edavaka Mission would like to request your generous support by a donation of atleast $25 for the running expenses of the Edavaka mission activities for the year 2018-19. The donation should be given to the Edavaka Mission Secretary or treasurer at the earliest.

Back to School Campaign

The Hermon Marthoma Church Youth & Sunday School are partnering with The Children's Restoration Network to host a Back to School drive this year. The goal of this drive will be to collect enough school supplies to full at least 5 FULL BACKPACKS by Sunday July 23rd. We are requesting that all members of our church bring at least 3 items on the list so that we may achieve this goal.


Vacation Bible School

VBS has been scheduled from July 12th to July 15th. The theme this year is Camp Moose on the Loose. Kids will learn about the life of Christ as seen through the eyes of Peter, and will discover the lasting forgiveness that only Christ can give. Our theme verse is "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins." (1 John 1:9)



Thursday: 3pm - 7pm
Friday & Saturday: 9am - 7pm
Sunday: Wrap up Sessions/Kids Presentation after Service
Fees: $15 per Child

VBS We are planning a variety of activities for the kids, to keep them engaged for all 3 days. Food will be provided for the children and volunteers who have registered. Please encourage your children to attend the VBS and to bring their friends. We would love to have as many kids as possible to attend the VBS. Children from 3 yrs to 17 yrs are welcome to attend the classes. Please register your children as soon as possible. Also, be sure to mention any food or other allergies.

We request the parents/adults to make the VBS a success for the kids. Help is requested in the form of donations, sponsorships, time, help. The kids are excited to attend and we are excited to have them.

Registration Link:

Church Address


139, New Hope Road
Lawrenceville, GA - 30046

Direction: (From 85 North)

From 85 North take 316 Hwy and on the 2 nd light make a right to Buford Hwy( Hwy 20).
Go around 2 miles and cross 124 ( Scenic Hwy) and the church is on the second driveway on right.